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Well This is my new page "I think I will call it Arick Works 2.1" for anyone who has been to my site more then once they will notice that it is changing very slowly, but it will be all through before november 7 comes around. Then I am going away for some time. Yup for all of thoese people who know me and acually care, I am going away for about 60 - 90 day dont know which one yet haven't decided yet dont worry I will equipt this site with an awsome count down clock so you, the people can track how long I will be gone for.

Well other then me changing my site around a little bit I guess that's all, I will be working on this site till November 7 so it should be done by then. Still like I said before I am probably not talking to anyone 'cause nobody seems to write me or let me know that they are here, again any comments or anything would be nice. Other then what was said I will see ya later



December 14, 2000
Well, I'm back. But don't worry, my work ethic is still really bad so much won't get done. I just started playing Breath of Fire 4 (that could be a bad thing:)
-------Dark Angel
December 14, 2000
An updated......thats new, but then again all updates are new. Well I have gone to the pits of Final Fantasy 9 hell and brought back Dark Angel so we'll have some new game reweiws and for me we have news pitures so this month exepect the worst!!! he he ----------Arick
November 18, 2000               |||||||Arick is Back|||||||
Well I am back thats right, you heard me
I am back in charge and ready to kick ass...I just dont have any motivation, I will work on new artwork to apease you people so stick around. Expect more reviews including a rare interview wil top playstaion officials brought to you by both Spider and Dark Angel
ohyeah Dark here and engoulfed himself into a Final Fatasy 9 frezy!, so dont expect any reveiws for awhile, sorry all avid gamers-----------=Arick=-
November 11, 2000
I just finished my review of Medal of Honor Underground and have five other reviews in the works right now for Driver 2, Tekken Tag Tournament, Summoner, Final Fantasy IX (I got mine early), and Dead or Alive 2: Hardcore. I should have them finished either tonight (doubtful) or late tommorow. (I have to work all damn day.) I'm still waiting for any requests for reviews or if anyone has the OPM letter about videogame violence. That should be all for the night. < Hail Chin~Killa! >
-----------Dark Angel
November 9, 2000
I recently saw a great article in Official Playstation Magazine about violence in video games that made me bust into a riotous laughter. If anyone has the newest issue could you please send me a transcribed copy so I can post it on the site. Email me if you have it.
----------Dark Angel
November 8, 2000
I forgot to mention in my last post that any questions should be directed to me instead of Arick for the time being. Email me.
November 8, 2000
Well, Arick's gone for the next two or three months, I'M IN CONTROL NOW! BUWAHAHAHA. Sorry, out of my mind experience. Anyway I'll be updating the page from now on. BTW: For any of you who noticed this weeks challenge is the same is last weeks, my bad. We've been very busy. I'm changing it today. Thats all for now.
-----------Dark Angel
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